Every year the school Saint Pulcherie of Istanbul honors a country or a continent. This year it was Africa. This is also in this context that I presented the project Kelen few days ago.

The idea is to introduce students to a new culture, interested in others people and to the world.

Thus the whole year several demonstrations took place in this direction: with the photo exhibition of Hervé Porcher on the people of Rwanda; In march Francophone Africa was in honor of the Francophonie Festival….

Throughout the year, students were able to discover different facets of the African continent through their school activities: music, choir, dance, fashion design.

The event I had the pleasure to attend was the opportunity to show all the work done throughout the year and it ended the season of the African High School.

I was really pleased to support this event. In Turkey, Africa remains a far away and unknown continent while paradoxically economic and diplomatic relations between Turkey and Africa have increased sharply in the last decade. This kind of initiative is welcomed and prolonged!

Promotion de l’Art Africain

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