Amina Konaté Visintin, plastic artist

Art Kelen
3 min readJan 25, 2018

Can you introduce yourself?

Originally from Mali, I was born in Poreč (Croatia) on March 19, 1965. I live and work in Poreč. I graduated from the Central Music School for Piano-Pula. I did a multi-year graduate Art workshop at the Open University in Poreč under the guidance of professor Danice Sardelić. That way I got good basis that then enable me to further develop my artistic personality.

Choosing an image as an expression is a way of life, and is the future. I work in acrylic and combined technics on canvas. I am a member of the Croatian Society of Fine Artists — Rijeka, of Fortuna art from Zagreb, of Art Extension from Italy, and of Art Foundation from the United States. I wrote articles on cultural newspapers, radio and television in Croatia, Italia and Greece.

Temptation, Inner Worlds

My artworks are showcased during exhibitions in museums and galleries and are as well part of private collections. I participated in numerous art events and projects each with different styles and approaches and dealing with different topics and received several recognitions. I exhibited solo and collective at home and abroad, where my works have been welcomed with positive critics.

Why did you choose this profession?

I’ve been painting since childhood. I have the complete freedom to express my emotions and attitudes through painting. Painting is a universal language and everyone understands it. There is no limit.

As an artist, how do you define yourself?

I have best defined myself with my latest art project named “Inner Worlds”.

With or without smile, Inner Worlds

Which artists do you admire? Who inspired you?

Every painter has something special. But the artist who has a really strong influence on my work is is Paul Gauguin. I love the way he was using strong colors and clean surfaces to create a poetic world filled with symbolism.

Touch of tenderness, Inner Worlds

How do you work?

I work using combined technics on canvas (acrylic, collage, graphic intervention, pastel, etc ..) and I like to use colors, contrasts, symbolism, and rhythm.

Which of your creations do you like the most?

Always the last :-)

What are your current projects?

In 2017, I completed this project “Inner Worlds”, and now I’m thinking of realizing a project where the topic will be humanity, solidarity and freedom without borders.