Can you introduce yourself?

I am Casimir Balibié Bationo, alias CasziB. I am a painter from the north west of Burkina Faso.

I was born in Ivory Coast in 1982. I live and work in Meknes, Morocco since November 2015.

Why did you choose this profession?

I started drawing in primary school where I spent a lot of time drawing. Soon, I wanted to discover other artistic fields. When I arrived in Burkina, I met an Italian woman who taught drawing with real models. It opened my eyes to a new universe with more dimensions to explore. I got into it and not knowing I would become a well — known artist.

As an artist, how would you describe yourself?

I like to express myself through my paintings. It Is Nature and Human nature that inspires me.

What is your background?

I am a self-taught artist but as I mentioned earlier, I have taken drawing lessons with real models for 5 years which allowed me to learn the art techniques. I also did an internship in painting, photography and animated films.

Despite the difficulties, I persevered because I firmly believe that I was in the right direction.

Which artists do you admire? Who inspired you?

When I was younger, I read lot of books especially Van Gogh, Picasso, Dali. I admired the work of these renowned artists and soon after that, I wanted to show my work. I wanted to distinguish myself from others. These artists thus inspired me and also helped me to excell myself.

Have your relatives always supported you?

Since I was little, it was my passion so it was logical for me to moving in the direction of art. I firmly believed that I would turn in this field. Although some family members did not understand my choice, It wouldn’t have changed my decision. Now, they have accepted this and are supportive of me.

What does your work reflect?

My work is based on people; observing their faces, the looks I transcribe through colorful atmospheres to understand and show the relationship to the other whether they are rich, impoverished or oppressed.

I am intrigued by themes related to migration, crossing spaces.

Capturing the inner and outer look of people in difficulty, adding the imagination and creativity.

What are you inspired by?

My inspiration is multiple in the sense that I am a “nomad” artist. The inspiration comes from the country or the city in which I am when I work. I observe and contemplate. That same look that captures one of the others I then put it into my paintings.

My imaginary feeds these various human and artistic meetings that allow me this life “nomadic” between the African continent and multicultural facets my incursions in Europe. My painting is universal always on the move as is the world. Thus, everyone can feel concerned by the images that I represent.

When starting a creation, do you have an idea of the desired result?

Most of the time, I have a clear idea of what I want to draw but obviously the way the painting evolves according to my questions, my relationship with the canvas. I pay attention to the ingredients it needs and when it needs it. I test colors and materials …

I like to buy raw canvas and prepare them but also make them. I consider this as part of the creative process. I sometimes get wooden boards and recycle. I also use drawing paper.

But as nothing is fixed and that each painting has its history, it also occurs beginning without a clear idea.

What is your working style?

Discover my work as a journey where everyone interprets their own stories. It is like going on a journey that raises questions but also triggers dating desires.

Each of my paintings is different, besides I do not want them to look alike. Every painting should give a different energy and inspiration to a new journey.

Which of your creations do you like the most?

I made a lot of paintings and I think I have them all in minds. I appreciate them all and so it is impossible for me to prioritize. Each define and characterize my creative universe.

Where do you work?

I set up a workspace at home. Ideally it is best to have a larger space but I have been able to develop myself to my liking.

Are you a member of associations, collectives or other?

When I lived in Burkina Faso, I was part of several groups (including the best known, Hangar 11). In the meantime, we all moved to different places. Currently I am not a member of any group. Nevertheless, I am involved in workshops and residences which enables me to meet other artists.

Are you interested in other forms of artistic or cultural expression?

I am very sensitive about wood sculpture, wrought iron and recovery objects in wrought iron. I think one day, I will get to the sculpture.

What are your current projects?

I have an exhibition that begins in October in Ardèche (France) and another in the US next year.

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Promotion de l’Art Africain