Fama Diouf, Photographer

Could you introduce yourself?

My name is Fama Diouf, my father is Senegalese and my mother Ivorian-Senegalese. Professional photographer for ten years, I have a diploma in network administration and computer system but also a diploma in communication.

I traveled a lot when I was a child from Senegal, France, Italy, Monaco to United States thanks to the various positions my father held. This allowed me to be immersed very early in different cultures.

Regarding my art, I have the ambition to carry a message through each of my series. One of my first series was dedicated to the stereotypes that many people have about albinos. The series “albinos and fashion” was exhibited in Dakar and Paris at the initiative of Almen Gibirila, a fashion designer whose most progressive fight remains the protection of albinos who suffering from discrimination.“Haiti and its faces” is a series made following my stay in Haiti.

What triggered the desire to do this job?

It all started in 2010 during my humanitarian mission in Haiti. I have been appointed by the World Food Program (WFP) two weeks after the earthquake. I have been staying there for eight months, working as a public relations officer.

It was then that my heart swung and I fell in love with photography.

What do your works reflect?

My art, through the strong character of black and white makes cultures and peoples equal despite the differences.

Everyone can have a new identity.

Which artists do you admire?

First, my mentor, Alejandro Lopez Chicheri who took care of my training me in photography during my humanitarian mission in 2010 in Haiti.

However, one person has forever marked my vision of photography. This person is Sebastian Salgado, a self-taught Brazilian photographer who is, according to me, the author of great photographic masterpieces.

What your works reflect?

I revisit in an African universe historical characters from different times, origins and cultures.

Where does your inspiration come from?

The inspiration comes often from dreams or visions arriving at unexpected times. I then note the ideas coming to me and develop them in the form of a scenario.

What is your particularity?

Black and white. Simply because these colors bring out and make feel strong and deep emotions.

What is your favorite creations?

The Wolof woman.

I would also say that it is the one who made this collection start.

What are your current projects?

I am currently working on several project as the second part of the African World Vision collection.

As for the others,this is a surprise I keen in store for you!

Promotion de l’Art Africain

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