Jacquie Atandji, designer of jewelery and accessories, is behind the Jacquie Bijoux brand.

Her creations are inspired by all the richness of Africa. I love the aesthetics of these pieces that plunges us into a colorful ballad.

Her creations will be soon available in Istanbul! More information will follow soon.

Can you introduce yourself and explain your journey in a few words?

I am Jacquie Atandji, Togolaise creator. I was planning to study journalism but my taste for art, culture and fashion took over. It was in the early 2000s that I led into creation.

Today, I define myself as a compulsive designer ☺: Jewelry, accessories, decorative objects.

I am a self-taught person who started with jewels realization for my friends and relatives but I quickly get professionalized.

What triggered the desire to do this job?

As a child, I was immersed in the world of loincloths and pearls ant it strongly influenced me. I attended many painting exhibitions, dance performances ……I was deeply attracted by this artistic universe.

In Africa the crafts creations are devalued, I felt the need to get out of these dogmas, I wanted to imagine, to draw, to shape, to create … This ultimately helps me to pay attention and comforts me.

Can you describe your jewels?

I work a lot by inspiration (colors, travel, perfumes, matter …). I define my creations as ethnic jewelry.

My accessories are created in fabrics like wax, bogolan, woven …

For jewelry, I use many materials. To name a few: Glass beads, wood, horn, bone, bronze, leather, wax, shells assembled aesthetically. My jewelry has the distinction of being asymmetrical on the one hand and a mixture of various materials on the other hand.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Africa inspires me enormously, especially the countries in which I have been lucky enough to visit : Mali, Ghana, Senegal, Mauritania, Burkina Faso and which include South Africa. I have a special relationship with Mali, a country I particularly like. My first stay was a revelation! I drew my first jewelry in Bamako (I remember exactly where I was).

How and where do you work? What are the stages of your creations?

My workshops are located in Lomé, I draw most of the pieces that went into the composition of my jewelry. These hand made pieces are made by experienced craftsmen. Then I proceed to the assembly of the collars and other accessories.

What aspects do you like the most about your job?

Almost everything pleases me in my work. From design to realization, all stages have their specificity and are a source of excitement. I love my job!

What is the creation which differs from the others?

The most sold jewel is the scarf necklace. It is realized with pearls of rockeries and they exist in different colors. Its characteristic is that it can be tied in different ways.

Who buys your creations?

All the people who find themselves in my creations ☺. Women who love hand-made, ethical and ethnic.

Do you work with other creators?

Yes, I sometimes exchange with other creators, especially Malians.

What are your plans ?

I have several exhibitions and shows to come in Africa and Europe for the months to come. By the end of the year, I will be between Ouagadougou, Nouakchott, Niamey, Lomé, Paris where I have planned exhibitions.





Promotion de l’Art Africain

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Promotion de l’Art Africain

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